Daramiti Perahera

Śrī Maha Bodhi
The Sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura

On the Nikini full moon day during the months of July or August the people of Anuradhapura came to the Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi carrying bundles of firewood on their heads to light bonfires around the Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi to keep away the wild elephants who used to enter the premises to eat tender Bo leaves. These villages carrying firewood on their heads looked like a possession hence it was called Daramiti Perahera.

The Daramiti Perahera continues as an annual ritual to the Maha Bodhi even today. The custodians and the families entrusted with various duties never neglected their responsibilities nor did they abandon the Maha Bodhi.

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